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Wellness | Business Coaching | Business Services | Chiropractors/Naprapath | Consulting/Training | Counseling/Psychotherapy | Healthcare | Physicians | Psychologist | Video
about us
MH3 is a minority and LGBT certified online behavioral health education platform. We provide direct access to ideas, insights, and inspiration from over 50 health and wellness experts of the mind, body, and spirit. MH3 partners with health Insurance companies and employers to provide their members and employees with access to exclusive interviews, live workshops, articles, mental health tools, and resources by underrepresented entrepreneurs, and nonprofits to get help from or give donations to.

According to a recent study in Lancet, an additional 150,000 people could die from mental health-related outcomes of COVID-19. However, access to accurate, trustworthy, and credible sources of behavioral health information has never been harder to find. MH3 goes beyond news headlines and social media to provide easy access to the ideas, insights, and inspiration of those in numerous healthcare fields -- both on and off the frontlines -- and of survivors of previous life-changing experiences.

With MH3, you gain access to their mental, physical, and emotional wellness insights to help your members and employees achieve their own mental wellness. For MH3, Mental Wellness is a state of well-being where you, as an individual, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and are able to make a contribution to the community while still addressing those stressors that can slow things down.