Brilliant Squirrel Bookkeeping
929 W Margate Terrace #1W
Chicago, IL 60640
(312) 767-1340
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Monday - Friday; 9am - 5pm
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Solomon Hursey
Phone:(872) 230-5466 
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Brilliant Squirrel Bookkeeping

about us
Hi! I’m Solomon, and I’m a bookkeeping and payroll professional. In my experience with small businesses, I understand how business owners would rather work on ANY part of their business other than their bookkeeping. They may feel intense anxiety, fear, embarrassment, or confusion when working on their books. Additionally, business owners’ time is MUCH better spent actually working on their business rather than muddling through the books. My passion is to help small business owners untangle, stabilize, and grow their businesses - as well as relieve them of these awful feelings - by correctly and accurately managing their bookkeeping and payroll while also giving them my expert advice on how they can improve their business.