Attack from Marrs Games
15033 Sunset Ct.
HOMER GLEN, Illinois 60491
(773) 747-9829
Not open to the public.
Monday - Friday | 9am - 5pm
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Elizabeth Marr
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Attack from Marrs Games

about us
Attack from Marrs Games is a combination of Horror, Sci-Fi and Nerds. We are a Woman and LGBTQ+ owned Indie Game company from Chicago, IL. Our first published game is SUMMONED, a hell raising party game that dares victims to do your bidding! We are working on a weed themed board game now for our upcoming kickstarter. We also share our AFMG Twitch channel to reach out to video gamers! Our twitch streamer sticks with our Horror and Sci-Fi roots on our channel. We also live stream our AFMG Podcast from our Twitch channel. Which is a blast to listen to if you like the weird and into B Horror movies. If that isn't enough! If you visit our Online store we have our collection of games, game accessories, and our big a$$ collection of invader gear!