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Tradeshow Salesforce

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about us
Trade Show Sales Force is Your Sales Team Away From Home. Providing fully-trained and experienced sales professionals for temporary trade show or event installations, we create the opportunity for businesses large and small to expand their reach at conventions and meetings in any industry. Not merely trade show "models,"? our sales people are prepared to actively engage attendees in bulk, educate prospects accurately on your products and services, and best of all, to actually close sales on the trade show floor. We have a network of 50 highly-qualified closers with collective decades of experience not only working but actively selling at trade shows, and we are currently proud to represent a nationally-recognized banking brand at over 100 shows per year in the US, among other clients. We are growing at a measured pace to ensure that we expand our team with only the most professional temporary trade show sales staff available, and we are vetting and training each applicant to our team thoroughly as they come on board. We also provide sales training specific to the trade show environment for your company sales staff, complete with tested and true techniques for engaging and closing. Also available are our full consulting services to advise on strategic show and booth space selection, traffic-boosting tactics, and additional trade show marketing plans.