Pointerway - Coaching for Fabulous People
Wellness, Body Therapy, Business Coaching, Counseling/Psychotherapy, Dating Site, LGBT Group, Motivational Speaker, Personal Training, Weight Loss
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James Laidler
Founder and Principal Consultant
Phone:(312) 999-0234 
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Pointerway - Coaching for Fabulous People

Wellness | Body Therapy | Business Coaching | Counseling/Psychotherapy | Dating Site | LGBT Group | Motivational Speaker | Personal Training | Weight Loss
about us
Pointerway are the experts in coaching for LGBTQ+ people in their lives and their businesses. Our current and recent clients include drag queens, politicians, Fortune 250 companies and their executives, international hospitality firms, small business owners, and non-profit leaders. Pointerway is the brainchild of James Laidler, a British Academy Award-winning journalist, consultant, author, public speaker, and queer sociologist. He realized that all too often LGBTQ+ people can’t achieve their potential because they don’t have the time, focus, or experience to be their authentic selves. James helps his clients as an advisor, guide, and project manager all rolled into one. He's available whenever you need him to help you define, achieve, and exceed your goals in both your personal and professional lives. He's an objective outsider who listens, gives you judgment-free insight and advice, but also challenges your assumptions when necessary.