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30 N Michigan Ave, Suite 502
Chicago, Illinois 60657
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    Ennis + Associates is small group practice dedicated to providing high quality therapy of depth that uses the latest developments in psychology while remaining grounded in proven methods. We provide therapy for individuals, adults, adolescents, couples, families, and children. We provide ourselves on culturally-competent care that treats all parts of you in all the contexts that matter when understanding you.

    We treat every person we see as an individual, meaning we do not use one-size-fits-all psychotherapy techniques. While we operate at the highest levels of competence as mental health providers we do not claim to be experts on your human experience. Instead we listen to you and tailor treatment to your background, values, and goals.

    When you seek treatment at Ennis + Associates, you will have a therapist that is dedicated to you and your well-being, available to you as frequently and for as long as you need.

    Every counselor on staff are also highly-committed to social justice issues including being anti-racist, feminist, affirming, and sex-positive.