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Birds on a Cable, LLC

IT Consulting & Services | Services
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We know that not all IT consultants are created equally. There’s the computer-guy, the computer geek, the programmer, the anti-socialite and on and on. We don’t fit any of those stereotypes. We don’t want to.

At Birds on a Cable, we strive to develop lasting relationships with our clients. We want to know how to fix the problem before you finish describing it. We want to learn the nuances of how you work in order to service you properly (we also want to learn the nuances of your network, but we won’t bore you with the details).

We add a human element to computing, providing you technical service you can understand. We fit best when servicing small- to mid-sized businesses. A mom’n’pop shop or a growing law firm. We always answer our phones, and always want to hear from you.