Authentic Self Inc.
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Authentic Self Inc.

about us
Dr. Africa is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a dynamic speaker and Djembe musician. She holds both a Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology. She has spent her entire career working with diverse populations ranging from individuals with developmental disabilities, LGBTQI2, and racial and gender minorities. She is known for her energy, enthusiasm, openness, passion, and ability to deeply understand and connect with others. Dr. Africa has a special love for diversity and has lectured extensively to schools and professionals on issues surrounding diverse populations, particularly, racial, gender and sexual minority populations. She is a Djembe musician who volunteers her time to play during the summer at various non-profit venues. She also has a special affinity for animals and rescues and fosters cats and dogs. In addition to her own comfort companions who have assisted her in helping and healing others her entire career.
  • Intersectionality

  • Diversity

  • Authenticity