Sex Positive Psychotherapy Practice Seeks Psychotherapists

LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center
Job Description
LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center has several openings for psychotherapists including: psychologist, LCSW supervisor, post-doctoral fellow and clinical psychotherapists.  Learn more aobut these opportunities
We welcome clients of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual practices, genders and sexual orientations. Lifeworks clinicians have years of experience working transitions, issues and conflicts related to relationships and marginalized identities. This includes communities largely unsupported by society such as LQBTQIAopen relationshipskink, and more. We also welcome and counsel individuals struggling with the issues associated with being spiritual, racial, cultural and ethnic minorities.
LifeWorks is an explicitly inclusive organization and supports the establishment of diversity and equity in its culture and practice.  Black and indigenous people, people of color, those with disabilities, applicants of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual practices and religious traditions, genders and sexual orientations, are encouraged to apply.
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